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The death of a New York City army veteran is attributed to his falling down a staircase in the public housing complex where he lived.

The man’s family has said that the cause of the slip-and-fall accident was due to negligence on the part of the New York City Housing Authority. The victim’s family believed that the Housing Authority did not look after the security of the man’s building from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

The fatality was a 77-year-old man who resided in Hammels Houses located in central Rockaway. The authorities said that he and his adult daughter went outside for a breath of fresh air after the passage of Hurricane Sandy. The way was pitch dark as electricity had not been restores causing the man to  fall in a pitch dark stairwell.

He broke his spine and died shortly after he was taken to Jamaica Hospital.

His daughter said she felt that the Housing Authority did not respond immediately after Sandy as they were aware that water had already accumulated in the stairwell. She said that the agency should have either barricaded or put up cones at the doors so people are prevented from going into the stairwell.

At this time, the New York City Housing Authority has not yet commented on the family’s allegations. However, it would not be a surprise if they would argue that it did not have enough to do any housework as Hurricane Sandy dissipated to respond adequately to the property. For obvious reasons, they seemed to have been negligent in their duty to keep the facility safe.

The victim was a veteran of the army and had worked at the Police Academy as a custodian for 23 years. His death was the 43rd in New York to be attributed to Hurricane Sandy.

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