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Sidewalk slip and Fall Accidents

Some of the most devastating ways in which people hurt themselves are trip and fall or slip and fall incidents on sidewalks. The sheer hardness and rigidity of most paved walkways makes them a very serious safety hazard if someone falls down on them. They may also be uneven and cracked, with sharp or coarse edges that will leave you not only battered but also bloody if you were to collapse after a slip and fall on them. It is precisely for these reasons of a high potential of harm that courts have continually imposed liability on landowners for not keeping their sidewalks properly repaired because they are a hazard to public safety. Although it varies in specifics from place to place, most localities have ordinances or codes regarding the upkeep of sidewalks.

Our accident attorneys are proficient in premises liability cases involving negligent landowners not keeping their sidewalks properly cleaned, maintained, or repaired and causing harm to pedestrians or joggers who have done nothing wrong.

When a sidewalk is not flat, but sticking up in places, as for example, when tree roots push, crack, and displace a block from the rest of the sidewalk, this indicates that a landowner has been lax in the duty required of them, that is, taking care of their property so others are not injured on it. If you have suffered injuries stemming from a trip and fall on badly kept, very worn out, cracked, uneven, or jutting pieces of sidewalk, you should definitely speak with one of our injury lawyers to determine if you have a claim for premises liability. Whether you fell on a sidewalk or other paved walkway in the winter, summer, spring or fall, and whether it was dry, wet, or snowy and icy outside, we will be able to assist you in recovering for your injuries and getting you compensation for the pain and suffering you endured.

Nobody should have to worry about crippling injuries while making their way around the city, town, neighborhood, or block. We have seen numerous instances of a seemingly minor trip and fall on a sidewalk turn into a nightmare of multiple broken bones, month long hospital stays, years of physical therapy, head injuries, time lost from work, stacks of medical bills, etc. We take your injuries seriously and will fight to get you the most from the landowners who did not take their duty seriously to keep you, and other travelers and pedestrians safe while walking lawfully through their land.

It doesn’t matter if it was a negligent homeowner or business – if you have a sidewalk on your land for the public, it is your duty to keep it safe, whether its a house, apartment complex, store, office, or other business. We want to help you get justice by righting the wrong inflicted on you. Contact us, experienced and knowledgeable injury attorneys, to discuss whether your trip and fall, or slip and fall accident on a sidewalk is a good case of premises liability.